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  The Table Talks will occur in the Auditorium from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. with the exception of Table Talk #7.  Please feel free to move about from Table Talk to to Table Talk that interests you to get the maximum experience.  The Resource Tables on the outer perimeter inside the Auditorium will also be open during this time to collect literature and information.

The Table Talks are arranged by the Summit Themes of HEALTH, EDUCATION and ECONOMIC WELL-BEING plus a THIS & THAT.
  Table # 1   TOPIC: "Heart Disease"  
      American Heart Association  
      TABLE HOST: Yvonne Singletary  
  Table # 2   TOPIC: "Violence Against Women"  
      Bay Area Turning Point Inc.  
      TABLE HOST: Heather Kerbow  
  Table # 3   TOPIC: "Living with Diabetes"  
      Life For Diabetes  
      TABLE HOST: Adrian Sloan  
  Table # 4   TOPIC: "How to find help and where it's available through Harris County"  
      Harris County Hospital District (HCHD)  
      TABLE HOST: Jicela Longoria, MPH, CHES, HCHD Outreach Health Educator  
  Table # 5   TOPIC: "Health, Education and Well Woman Services"  
      Planned Parenthood of Houston  
      TABLE HOST: Sonya Norsworthy, Community Education Manager  
  Table # 6   TOPIC: "Inflammatory Breast Cancer"  
      The IBC Network Foundation  
      TABLE HOST: Terry Arnold, Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)Survivor  
  Table # 7   TOPIC: "One Stop Source for Services for Seniors and Caregivers"  
  Special Table Talk   Harris County Area Agency on Aging  
  9:15 AM - 10:00 AM   TABLE HOST: Theresa Martinez  
  Table # 22   TOPIC:  
      M.D. Anderson Cancer Center  
      TABLE HOSTS: Sheryl Patton, Radhika Zarwar  
  Table # 8   TOPIC: "Benefits and Financing for 2 year College Education"  
      Houston Community College  
      TABLE HOST: Lynn Herrera  
  Table # 9   TOPIC: "Top 10 Things You can do to Advocate for Your School"  
      Houston ISD Advocate  
      TABLE HOST: Sue Deigaard  
  Table # 10   TOPIC: open discussion  
      Houston Federation of Teachers  
      TABLE HOST:  
  Table # 11   TOPIC: "Professional Development through Educational Dance, Drama, Yoga, Art and Movement classes, camps, workshops for schools, scout troops, churches, synagogues, recreation centers"  
      Casey's Creative Connections, LLC  
      TABLE HOST: Casey Casteel  
  Table # 12   TOPIC:                      
      Harris County Department of Education - After School Programs  
      TABLE HOST:  
  Table # 13   TOPIC: "Parent Advocacy through PTA Volunteering & School Boards"  
      Clear Creek ISD, Former School Board Member  
      TABLE HOST: Joanna Baleson  
  Table # 14   TOPIC: "Starting a Small Business from Home"  
      CCS Enterprises  
      TABLE HOST: Marion Collins  
  Table # 15   TOPIC: "Financial Planning Basics.  Where to get the Information"  
      The Women's Resource of Greater Houston  
      TABLE HOST: Kim Fontenot  
  Table # 16   TOPIC: "Financial Strategies.  Where to get the Information"  
      The Women's Resource of Greater Houston  
      TABLE HOST: Kalyani Sanghavi  
  Table # 17   TOPIC:  "Ways of Funding Yours or Your Child's Higher Education"  
      The University of Texas at Austin - Office of Student Financial Services  
      TABLE HOST: Dr. Tom Melecki  
  Table # 18   TOPIC: "Improve Your Retirementology IQ"  
      J. Harrison & Associates  
      TABLE HOST: Eugenia Harrison  
  Table # 19   TOPICS: "When do You need a Lawyer?"  
      TABLE HOSTS: (a) Erica Graham, Civil Litigation Attorney;
(b) Cheryl Diggs, Criminal Attorney;
(c) Damiane Banieh, Family Law Attorney;
(d) Mary Galligan, Estate Planning/Trusts/Wills/Probate Attorney
  Table # 20   TOPIC:  
      WorkForce Solutions  
      TABLE HOST: Carolyn Kennard  
  THIS & THAT      
  Table # 21   TOPIC: "Can I Vote?"  
      League of Women Voters  
      TABLE HOST: Leslie Taylor & Jacqueline Alfred  


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