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Sponsorship Opportunities
We recognize those individuals and organizations who support the Women’s Summit - Texas with a financial contribution or in-kind donation. 

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Thanks to our many friends who understand the plight women today face and want to bring about change. We hope you will add your name to the list.

Suzy Allison Martha Huebel Jennifer Rene Poole    
Mary Almendarez Sheryl Hussey Mary Ramos    
Hon. Carol Alvarado Connie Jennings Yvette Rivera    
Nancy Marie Bassett Paul Jennings Carolyn Scantlebury    
Willie Belle Boone Hon. Debbie Kerner Glenda Shepherd    
Frances Burford Carolyn Kinglesmith Lenora Sorola-Pohlman    
Elsa Caballero Mary LaPerna Chy Udezeh    
Julia Cauthorn Erica Lee Elizabeth Villarreal    
Sheena Childs Cassie A. Levy Sherry Weesner    
Dolores Colunga-Stawitz Georgia Lewis Reggie White    
Renee Cross Julia Maldonado Gina Williams    
Cheryl Harris Diggs Betty McGinnis Sharon Williams    
Muszetta Foreman Becky Moeller Shondra Wygal    
Karen Franklin Sarah Montelongo      
Carol Galloway Muffie Moroney      
Cheryl Germain Bruce Mosier      
Erica Graham Carli Mosier-Faigan      
Edna Griggs Jasmine Nadeira      
Michelle Guzman-Campos Brenda Neal      
Melanie Harrell Hon. Melissa Noriega      
Maureen Haver Ana Nunez      
Hon. Ana Hernandez-Luna Claudia Ortega-Hogue      
Community Organization Supporters:
Houston Federation of Teachers    
LULAC 402    
Planned Parenthood of Houston    
The Women's Resource of Greater Houston    
Sponsorship Opportunities
Whether an individual or corporation or another non-profit and no matter how small (or large), we welcome your participation in funding this important summit.  Go to the Sponsorship Page now! Thanks in advance for supporting women.  
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