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We Care.  We Share.  We Dare.


When women come together, great things happen.





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About Us

Mission Statement
We Care.  We Share.  We Dare.  When we come together, good things happen!

Vision Statement
Women's Summit - Texas is a one-day event that seeks to empower women with information focusing on education, finance, and health issues.

Our guest speakers will advise on best practices and information from which women can learn and grow.


History of the Women's Summit - Texas


We are busy women, a group of individuals, who looked at our lives and our families and saw things getting harder having just been dealt the biggest cuts in funding affecting almost every aspect of our busy lives.  Almost too much to grasp, this tsunami of change is overwhelming.  With a genuine dread in our hearts, a very small group of women began a dialogue.


One of us - a teacher from Clear Lake whose fellow educators were fired and those remaining left with larger class sizes but fewer resources.  One - a retiree from the inner city works from home for extra money to cover health care and prescription costs.  One - a business owner from Kingwood with an 8-5 job who’s worried about transportation costs.  Another - unemployed after 20 years of service just before her retirement benefits vested.  Another - working Mom of a young boy worried about Pre-K being eliminated, class sizes, updated school supplies and school closings.  One young woman - a full-time clerk and a night time student wondering if she can get a bank loan to finish her degree and another single woman, now unable to afford her mammogram and well woman exams after affordable clinics were defunded.


Although from different geographic locations and backgrounds, we found ourselves asking the same questions:

  • What could we do to help ourselves?

  • Were other women in similar circumstances or even worse?

  • Who had information about the cuts in Health care, Education, Medicare and Medicaid?

  • How could we protect ourselves and our families with the economic slashes to programs that have enabled women to care for themselves, their children, their aging parents?

  • What will the cuts in Washington and Austin do to our lives?

  • What can we do about it?

We recognized that there’s a real need for women to get current information about changes that will affect their lives; a real need to arm ourselves with resources and safety nets; a real need to have coping mechanisms; and, a very real need to stand up for ourselves and be our own best advocate.


Rather than wait to be swept away - left to tread water, we saw the opportunity to throw a life raft.  So, this diverse group of women formed a sisterhood that transcends ethnic, economic, geographical and political affiliations.


That sisterhood is now organized as Women’s Summit-Texas a registered Texas non-profit dedicated to arming women with information and resources that impact their wellbeing, creating networks and forging bonds and friendships.


We are not alone and now, neither are you!

Incorporation and Founders

Women's Summit - Texas has applied for 501(c)4 status from the IRS.  Incorporating members are:

Diane Mosier, President
Sherrie Matula, Vice President and Treasurer
Diane Trautman, Secretary
Founders are women who have been very involved since he idea for the Summit first came to fruition.  These Founders are:

Ann Bennett
Natalie Lacasa
Sherrie Matula
Diane Mosier
Lissa Squires
Hon. Kristi Thibaut
Diane Trautman
Underwriters for the January 28, 2012 Women's Summit - Texas
Sylvia Garcia
Sherrie & Mike Matula
Diane Mosier
Anna Marie Guzman Protz
Hon. Senfronia Thompson
Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was put into place to provide feedback, create connections for the Summit, and get the word out.  Though the Committee will grow, the current members are:

Hon. Alma Allen    
Hon. Carol Alvarado    
Zeph Capo    
Hon. Ellen Cohen    
Karen Derr    
Hon. Jessica Farrar    
Hon. Sylvia Garcia    
Sarah Hirsch    
Sheryl Hussey    
Mike Matula    
Marisol Rodriguez    
Hon. Richard Schecter    
Hon. Senfronia Thompson    
Mini Timmaraju    
Webmaster & Designer: Mike Matula For information, contact us at info@womenssummittexas.org
Last Updated: 01/09/2012
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