It’s about people, not politics.

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day is about bringing women and men together and standing up for Democratic and progressive values. Fairness. Equality. Caring for others. Investing in the people of Texas through education, healthcare and job training. Not giveaways and write-offs for billion dollar industries. Making it easier, not harder, to raise our families and care for our communities.

Because we’ve come together to give voice to our values, our legislative agenda is broad. However, as the 83rd Texas Legislative session has gotten underway, three key issues have become top priorities for Texas women.

Educating Texas children should be our state’s top priority. Funding our schools can’t wait for legal battles and political posturing. The money is there. The emergency has passed. Texas needs to restore the $500 per student it cut in 2011.

Pass Medicaid expansion and decrease the number of uninsured Texans. If Texas were to pass  Medicaid expansion and accept the federal funding available for the program, our state would pull down up to $100 billion in federal funding over the next 10 years, with the state’s share at $15 billion dollars. Expanding Medicaid in Texas could reduce the number of uninsured Texans by up to 3 million. 3 million Texans who could stop going to the emergency room for basic healthcare, who could address health problems before they become chronic or critical.

Restore funding for the Women’s Health Program and give Texas women access to essential healthcare. Texas women need access to affordable healthcare wherever they live, no matter their income level. Building strong Texas families starts with healthy women. Placing barriers to care, reducing access to contraception and dictating women’s choice of medical providers has hurt Texas women and their families. The Texas Legislature must stop playing politics when it comes to Texas women. Period.

Clearly, these are only three of the many critical issues facing Texas women today. As we continue to work on Blue Ribbon Lobby Day and develop our legislative agenda, we need your involvement and guidance. We want to know what state-level issues concern you most. When you register for Blue Ribbon Lobby Day, either the April 9th day at the Capitol or a legislative meeting at home, please fill out the information in the issues section. We’ll track your answers and report back in our News and Update section. Your guidance will help us as we develop the materials for our legislative meetings.